Drain Cleaning Charlotte NC

Drains are necessary to our way of life but until they go wrong, we rarely think of them. When a drain does go wrong, usually because of a blockage, it can cost quite a lot of money to unblock or repair unless we understand something about it. By knowing even a little about drain cleaning and having some of the right tools on hand, you can save yourself time, trouble and money.
If you have some idea of how the drains in your home in Charlotte work, you will not be afraid to tackle some basic drain cleaning when necessary. Having some knowledge of each drain in your home will also help you to know if the job is too big for you to tackle. Even if you do need to call in the experts, you will have a better idea of how to cope until they arrive.

When you start learning about your home drainage system you will see that each drain works on the simple principle that water runs down hill. When a drain isn’t working, it is usually because something is blocking the water from obeying that law of gravity. Once you can establish where the blockage is, you may then be able to do the required drain cleaning.

It helps to know that each fixture in the drainage system, such as toilet, shower, bathtub and washing machine, has its own drain line that joins up with other nearby drain lines under the floor before continuing on to the main line. Before joining with the other drain lines, each individual drain line goes through a trap. This is the S-shaped, or curved piece of pipe under a drain. Drain blockages, often caused by grease and hair, occur most frequently at the trap or before it. If you have the right tools, you may be able to do the drain cleaning yourself.

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