We at Mark Kinney Plumbing are a full service plumbing and Heating and Air repair and new Installation Company.

The most important unit in your home is you Heating and Air unit, it needs to be taken care of every year or even two time a year as even changing the air filters monthly.
We at Mark Kinney Plumbing have service plans to do the servicing and cleaning of the indoor coil,
the outside unit, oil and freon and temperature,fan motor and the bearing ,and blades check all contactor switches and control boards relays switches to insure that when the weather get extreme you will not break down,because thats when prices and time of getting someone to come out is tough because they are so tied up, so don't wait , the saying go's pay now cheaper or later, And later is more money and waiting for a appointment two or three days down the way.
I Mark Kinney will come to help single moms with baby's and kids and older people first because it is a health problem when it is freezing cold or a 95 deg day thats a promise I pride my self on. Helping people in need. With discounts for them to.

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